Bucks Day Sydney

A Bucks Day Sydney cruise is an excellent way to spend an afternoon in the Sydney harbour, and also a perfect way to plan a party for those looking to spend more time enjoying themselves than going through tedious planning processes! During one of these cruises, every element is taken care of and included for you, so you can sit back and enjoy a well-planned party without the need for hours spent in the planning process. From food and drink to fun and entertainment, these day cruises can be used for all types of occasions, and guests will love being able to spend their day out on the water!

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During a Bucks Day Sydney cruise, all food and drink is included in your package, so guests can be well fed as they enjoy their time on the ship. For drink options, everything from various beers to soft drinks and water are part of the experience, and some cruises even include spirits and mixed drinks as well. As you are enjoying your drinks, lunch is also served, which starts out with your choice of salad. To go along with the salad are dinner rolls, making for an ideal appetite whetting starter, and the salad is then followed up by either roast lamb or a BBQ chicken dish.

Different time slots are available for a Bucks Day Sydney cruise, and you may choose from any day of the week for your special event. In terms of time slots, each day cruise is around 3 hours long, and an early afternoon, midday, or late afternoon option is available so you can have your party exactly when it is most convenient for you and your guests.

A Bucks Day Sydney cruise can be used to celebrate a myriad of different occasions, and this can range from bachelor or stag parties to class field trips! As the ship cruises about the Sydney harbour, guests can enjoy the views from either the upper or lower level deck, as they enjoy their meals, beverages, and one another’s company. If the party is looking to get a little wild, and a bachelor party day is looking to get started on the right foot, these cruises can include R-rated dancing shows and lingerie waitresses as well. In order to best accommodate your party, these daytime cruises can be built or customised to suit your specific guests!