Pub Crawl Cruise Sydney

The Pub Crawl Cruise Sydney departs from the King Street Wharf on Saturdays from 12:30 to 4:30. So, are you tired of sitting home all alone on the weekend or hanging out with friends and doing the same old stuff? If that’s the case, give us a call for some incredible onboard food, drink, and entertainment. One of these trips could be the perfect opportunity for you and your people to create cherished memories. Of course, you could also come by yourself if you wish. That’s fine, but by the time late afternoon rolls around, you could have new mates and ones that you can take our cruises with again and again.

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That doesn’t mean that we can’t still provide guests with an excellent time, though. And, for only $69 per head, you can’t beat it. In addition, the Pub Crawl Cruise Sydney comes with a buffet lunch, including roast chicken, ham, two salads, and bread rolls. These yummy treats are sure to keep hunger pangs at bay and ensure that you get your fill. There is also a cash bar if you’d like to drink and get a little tipsy too. Beer, wine, and spirits are all available to wet your whistle and give you that sought-after buzz you crave.

Did somebody say music? Oh, yeah. There will be a DJ on the Pub Crawl Cruise Sydney. Hence, you can listen to some great tunes, dance, or even sing if you like. Do you enjoy songs from particular decades? If you answered yes, don’t be shy. Instead, let the DJ know, and sweet tunes will soon be filling your ears. Please, just don’t be surprised if your foot starts tapping to the beat and you want to get up and move. That’s how good the DJ, music, and everything else will be.

Before COVID became a thing, many people enjoyed going out for a night of drinking on the town. They’d go with their mates, crawling from one pub to the next. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, except if a person is driving from place to place, that can put them and others in danger. However, we have the solution that you and everyone else need, the Pub Crawl Cruise Sydney. Normally, the boat would stop at many bars during the 4-hour trip, but thanks to COVID, that isn’t a possibility at the moment.