Bucks Party Cruises

Bucks Party Cruises have the entire package, and whether you are looking for a fun night out on the harbour for a birthday party or other type of celebration, or you’re trying to plan something special for a friend as his last hurrah as a bachelor, these cruises can really leave you wanting nothing. From music, to food, to drinks, to R-rated strip shows, one of these cruises can really create an experience that no guest is like to forget. Because all elements are included in one of these packages, you don’t need to worry about extra planning or hitting hiccups along the way to your perfect party.

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The Bucks Party Cruises packages available can allow you to plan the party you want exactly when you want it, and the ships run during 4 different time slots every day of the week. The early afternoon party packages begin at 10:30am, and guests are taken on a cruise around the Sydney harbour for approximately 3 hours to dock back on shore at around 1:30pm. A midday cruise leaves at 1:30pm to conclude at 4:30pm, perfect for getting a full day of celebration started. The late afternoon cruise is an excellent dinner cruise option, and this cruise begins at 4:30pm and runs until 7:30pm, and there is also an evening cruise that goes from 7:30pm to 10:30pm for some adventurous evening fun.

The food, drink, music, and security are also included in Bucks Party Cruises, so you never need to worry about your guests having a full and fun experience. To start, a choice of 3 salads are served along with dinner rolls to prepare appetites for the main course. As an entrée option, either roast lamb or BBQ chicken is served to guests along with whatever type of drink they may prefer. Sprits, wine, a beer selection, soft drinks, and water can be chosen from for refreshments.

If the party is looking to get a little wild, Bucks Party Cruises has you covered. Waitresses donning sexy lingerie are available to serve food and drinks to your guests; while live R-rated strip shows may be included for your enjoyment. During the strip shows, personal attention may also be shown in the form of private dances for an additional tip. As a stag or bachelor party option, these types of cruises allow you and your guests to experience the entire package in a convenient way!